Future Diversity Shoots

  • Gun For Hire Range
    – in Woodland Park, New Jersey
  • April 11th
  • June 6th
  • Aug 22nd
  • Oct 24th
  • December 19th
  • Recoil Indoor Range
    – Monroe Township, NJ
  • June 20th
  • Sept 12th
  • Nov 7th
  • Union Hill Gun Club
  • May 9th
  • July 25th
  • August 8
  • Oct 10th
  • Dec 5th

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We safely introduce all people to firearms

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the Minuteman Challenge
shooting competition that encourages gun owners to participate in friendly, low cost competition.

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We’re educating & introducing all people to their apolitical civil rights
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We’re educating & introducing all people to their apolitical civil rights

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