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The 2A4E (Second Amendment for Everyone) Diversity Shoot is an event that aims to promote diversity, inclusivity, and the Second Amendment right to bear arms in the United States. The event was founded in 2015 by Tony Simon, a firearms instructor and advocate for Second Amendment rights.

Tony was inspired to create the Diversity Shoot after attending a National Rifle Association (NRA) event where he noticed that there were few attendees who were people of color. He realized that the lack of diversity in the firearms community was not due to a lack of interest, but rather due to a lack of outreach and inclusion efforts.

The first 2A4E Diversity Shoot was held in March 2015 at the Gun For Hire Range in Woodland Park, New Jersey. The event was open to people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations, and included firearms training, education, and range time.

Since then, the Diversity Shoot has grown in popularity and has been held at various locations across the United States, including Pennsylvania, Texas, and Florida. The events feature firearms instructors, industry experts, and community leaders who share their knowledge and experiences with attendees.

The Diversity Shoot has received recognition and support from various organizations and individuals, including the NRA, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), and firearms manufacturers

About Tony:

Tony Simon is a firearms instructor and advocate for diversity in the shooting community. He is best known as the founder of The Diversity Shoot, a program that seeks to promote inclusion and access in the firearms industry.

Simon was born and raised in New Jersey, and he developed an early interest in firearms while serving in the military. After completing his service, he became involved in the firearms industry as a firearms instructor and range safety officer.

In 2015, Simon founded The Diversity Shoot, which started as a small gathering of friends at a local shooting range in New Jersey. The goal was to provide a welcoming environment for people from diverse backgrounds who might not otherwise feel comfortable in the shooting community.

Since then, The Diversity Shoot has grown significantly and gained national attention. The program hosts regular events at ranges throughout New Jersey and has expanded to other states. Attendees receive firearms safety training, instruction on marksmanship, and the opportunity to shoot a variety of firearms.

Simon is also a frequent guest on podcasts and radio shows, where he discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion in the firearms industry. He has become a well-respected figure in the industry and is known for his passionate advocacy for the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners.

In addition to his work with The Diversity Shoot, Simon is a certified firearms instructor and range safety officer. He teaches courses on firearms safety, marksmanship, and defensive shooting. He also serves as a board member for the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs and is involved with other organizations that promote responsible firearms ownership.

Overall, Tony Simon is a dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusion in the firearms industry, and his work with The Diversity Shoot has made a significant impact in promoting access to firearms for all.

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