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The 2nd Is For Everyone exists to introduce nontraditional gun owners and new shooters to the Second Amendment Community.


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Our Sponsors support your civil right to bear arms. They provide swag and gear for giveaways and raffles.


We believe in Safety

Our events are supervised by certified NRA instructors and NRA Range Safety Officers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

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The 2nd is For Everyone : Diversity Shoot is a pro-2nd Amendment educational workshop aimed at informing new and current firearms owners about what they can do to grow and strengthen 2A rights. It is designed to welcome all people into the 2A community regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or financial status. We welcome all law-abiding people to come out and join the family.
Speakers from various groups discuss what they do to fight civil rights infringing politicians and inform us on how we can help. Questions from attendees are welcome as we want informed 2A ambassadors leaving the event.
We welcome all.  This is a safe, fun and educational event for all people, no bias, no prejudice. We always have NRA certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers on hand to help make sure everyone has a fun and safe time.




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When we started producing tee shirts to raise money for Diversity Shoots, I wanted to keep it simple and offer a white tee shirt. However, the people have spoken, and now shirts are also available in black!

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